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  • Cattery West Sussex

    Here at our cattery in West Sussex, we provide a safe place for your cat to stay while you are away. We are located on the A281 Henfield / Brighton Road, just 10 minutes away from Brighton and Hove and directly on-route if you’re heading towards Gatwick Airport. Our easily accessible establishment is surrounded by woodland and has a beautiful private garden overlooked by the cats boarding facility.


    An integral part of our family run cattery is trust, evidence of which we can provide to you in the form of certificates documenting all of the correct establishment licencing and insurance.


    We’re proud to announce, that recently we have been awarded the highest rating of 5 stars from the local council for our premises.


    We have over 29 years of cat boarding experience, and we realise that safety and care for your cat come above all else. To put your mind at rest feel free to call us during open hours to ask any questions about your cat’s stay and to satisfy yourself that every care and attention will be given.


    Come along to visit us before your Cat boarding

    You are also most welcome to visit our establishment, no prior appointment required.

    Please note: We are only open to unplanned visits in mornings between the hours of 8 am and 12 (Monday – Sunday).

    About Cat Boarding West Sussex

    Our purpose-built establishment is designed to incorporate both comfort and safety, giving you peace of mind and making your cat feel right at home.


    Our indoor runs are full height and fully insulated. We also have heaters and heat pads for when it’s cold, and all the borders’ areas are lined with white for hygiene reasons. We also provide outdoor runs for your cat. The outdoor run floor is lined with a rubber sealant and the sides have high boarding, again, for hygiene purposes. Each run has an elevated position for your cat to lay or sit in so that they have a private space to sleep and for some much-needed cat-time!


    We also provide scratch posts and other toys along with bedding, these are all cleaned regularly. Alternatively, you may bring your pets own bedding and toys, which will also be cleaned regularly or as per your own request. Hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance for us which is why we only let cats of the same family share toys and bedding.

    Feeding schedule

    When it comes to feeding time, here at our cattery, we provide a wide variety of quality well known branded cat foods. We can also cater for specific dietary needs, however, if this is the case for your cat please let us know in advance of your stay.


    Freshwater is always available and is replenished regularly. Feeding comes around twice a day. For kittens and elderly cats, the feeding schedule can be discussed and catered for prior to your cat’s visit but without specific instruction, we feed kittens 3-4 times per day. We like to go the extra mile to make sure we can cater for any age cat. Also please make sure you fill in the correct boxes in the application where you should mention any specific requirements, even if you have previously discussed them with us.


    Before your Cat comes to stay

    If your cat has any special medical requirements or medication, we will be happy to administer treatments during their stay. Please make sure that all of your cat’s medication is labelled correctly and clearly with the cat’s name, the specific dosage prescribed by the vet and the frequency the medication needs to be given. Again please make sure everything is labelled as clearly as possible, however, if we do have any queries about medication we will contact you first before any medication is given in order to keep your cat healthy and happy.



    • Your cat is required to be flea and worm treatment before coming to stay with us


    • We also ask that you ensure sure your cat is immunized against intestinal Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.


    These requirements are not only for the safety and health or your cat but also for all of the cats that stay here at our cat hotel. Please make sure you have the relevant documents with you when you arrive, as you will need to produce an up to date inoculation certificate, which we will keep with your cat’s other details during their stay.


    If you require transport for your cat to get to and from our hotel, we do offer a cat taxi service which is charged at £20 each way within the local area. In order to take advantage of the cat taxi, we request that you have a sturdy cat carrier, we do not accept cats loose or in cardboard carriers. From our experience cardboard boxes are not strong enough to contain a cat safely. If you do not have a suitable carrier we can lend you one on request for the car journey. If you are interested in this service please contact us prior to booking your cat’s stay.


    Whilst you’re away…

    We do offer to provide updates on how your cat is doing whilst staying with us. For customers that request this service, we also provide picture updates. We find this helps you feel confident that your feline friend is in safe hands and enjoying his/her holiday with us!


    Reiki for cats

    Jane, one of our trusted members of staff, is a qualified and fully insured reiki practitioner and she is also qualified in animal healing. Reiki is an effective and gentle method of healing through energy. It affects all areas of your pet’s health, including physical, mental and spiritual. This has been proven to boost the immune response and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Reiki is deeply relaxing and can help your pet deal with anything from anxiety to physical illness or injury.


    Although Reiki is a completely safe complementary therapy, it should not be used as a replacement of veterinary help or medicine.


    Cattery in West Sussex – Contact us


    We can now offer Reiki treatment in conjunction with your cat’s stay with us or at your home. Please call us on 01273 857 539 for full details.