• Customer Comments

    Thank you for looking after Burtie for us over the Christmas and New Year holiday and for dropping him off when our car broke down. We are really grateful for the help. Kind Regards and Happy New Year to you All, Natasha
  • Pricing

    Our current prices are as follows:

    Single Cat
    per day
    Two cats from the same family sharing run
    per day
    Three cats from the same family sharing larger run
    per day
    Four cats from the same family sharing larger run
    per day

    Our rates are inclusive of high quality food (please supply your cat’s normal food, especially prescription diets, if it differs from what we offer), heating, cat litter, scratch poles, toys and cuddles!


    Making a booking

    Please call us on 01273 857 539 to check availability and to make a booking.

    Only cats from the same family can share – please advise us if you have more than one cat but wish them to be boarded separately.

    A full days boarding is charged for arrival and departure day. If the owner returns before the end of the period for which the cat is booked, the full period is charged.

    Payment of all boarding fees should be made at the time of collection, except in long term boarding where arrangements are made for accounts to be settled monthly in advance. We accept payment by cash or cheque.

    Late departures can be arranged subject to availability.

    Worms and Fleas

    All cats (including those that never go outside!) must be wormed (2 weeks before stay) and treated for fleas (at least 2-3 days before stay).  Any guests arriving with fleas or worms will be treated and the customer will be charged. These requirements are to protect all our guests.


    Please ensure your cat is fully up to date with its vaccinations including immunisations against Cat Flu and Intestinal Enteritis. We require vaccination certificates when your cat arrives at the cattery and must remain with us for the duration of their stay.


    All male cats over 6 months of age must be neutered.