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    To All at the Cat Hotel Just to say thank you for looking after us while our Mum and Dad were away. Also a big thank you from them as well. Scan_20150702-(2)
    Waffles and Theo -
  • Modern, spacious cattery in Poynings, Brighton.

    At Poynings Cat Boarding Hotel we have a modern cattery with spacious runs overlooking our gardens. If your beloved cat needs a home away from home book him or her in to our luxury cat boarding accommodation. Cats generally prefer their own company, so each of our cat guests has their own private accommodation with all the creature comforts of home. When two cats are from the same family we are happy to house them in shared accommodation.

    • Cat runs are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily
    • Scratch posts are provided for cats to keep their claws sharpened
    • Cat toys for cats to pounce and play
    • Cuddles and pampering to make your cat feel right at home

    We encourage all of our loving pet owners to come and take a look at our cattery in Poynings, Brighton before booking their cat into our cat boarding accommodation. Our friendly staff will show you around the cattery and answer any questions you may have.  We recommend that you transport your cat to us in a secure cat carrier. If you don’t have one, we have cat carriers available from our Cattery free of charge.

    Please feel free to bring any of your cats’ creature comforts from home to help them enjoy their stay in our cattery. Baskets, beds, toys or blankets are all welcome.

    For even the fussiest furry feline friend, call Poynings Cat Boarding Hotel.  Call us on 01273 857 539 to book in your cats stay or find out more.